As a student, you have the right to:

Accurate facts about job availability and salary ranges of a specific career based on Bureau of Labor Statistics and other resources.

A comprehensive listing of current and accurate Information regarding programs, policies, procedures, and a list of current administrative staff and faculty, including their qualifications.

An enrollment agreement that states the program and the number of credits, clock hours, or units required to complete the course, the length of the program covered by the enrollment agreement, and the cancellation and refund policies.

Clear and honest disclosure of all tuition, fees and other charges related to the cost of receiving your education.

Instructors who are knowledgeable and current in the areas they are teaching.

The ability and right to withdraw from school at any time and receive refund for tuition paid but not used.

Students have the right to a peaceful, healthy learning environment in which free discussion is encouraged in the common interest of the pursuit of knowledge.

Students have the right to pursue and discuss any inquiry and to communicate any point of view publicly or privately as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

Students have the right to attend classes and to express dissent against or support for any teacher’s views or any data presented in the course of instruction without fear of retribution from any faculty member or fellow student.

Students have the right to observe of any religious holiday to which the student subscribes and for which the student feels that attendance would conflict with his or her religious well being.

Students have the right to know all grading procedures and shall be free from arbitrary or biased evaluation. Grading shall be based solely on academic standards established for each course.

Students have the right to privacy of their person and belongings

Students have the right to a fair and equal hearing for any accusation against him or her. The student still has the right to attend classes or be present on campus and shall not be revoked without due process through the Administration, which shall include informing the student of the accusation against him or her and providing the student with an opportunity both to refute the charge and appeal the decision should a ruling be made against the student.

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