This program is designed to meet the needs of Registered Nurses who were once licensed, but let their license lapsed or become inactive.  This is most likely due to some changes in life circumstances — raising a family, inability to find a job, etc.  In order to return their license to active status, their state Board of Nursing may require that they complete an approved nurse refresher course.

RNs may update their knowledge to meet the requirements of a nursing board or simply acquire a degree of confidence and security before employment. There are two components to the course: (1) Instructor-led component and (2) an optional clinical preceptorship component. The classroom attendance must be completed before the clinical component is arranged.

CNA Curriculum/Program

There are 12 modules for each student to complete.

The course is based on the comprehensive program, covers the four main areas of nursing-medical-surgical, maternal-newborn, pediatric, and psychiatric-and contains comprehensive assessment, treatment, and nursing intervention information on the most common conditions.

Upon completion of the theory class, a pre-clinical post-test will be conducted. After successful completion of this post test, the student has the option to complete the clinical component. A clinical placement service is offered for a fee.

Those enrolling in the clinical component will be interviewed by our Clinical Coordinator and a preceptorship of the appropriate length will be arranged at a participating health care facility.


The Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice 10th Edition, J.B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, PA, is required for this course. This illustrated comprehensive text contains guidelines to nursing and medical techniques and procedures. It is intended to provide practical information in medical-surgical, maternity, and pediatric nursing. Nursing assessment and problem oriented records are included as are appendices for laboratory tests and conversion tables. Nursing alerts are incorporated to draw attention to the most critical procedural points.

* This textbook is available at bookstores and online booksellers such as

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Course Content:

Module 1: Nursing Practice in California

Nursing Practice and the Nursing Process, Standards of Care, Ethical and Legal Issues, Health Promotion and Preventive Care, Genetics and Health Applications, accountability, and responsibility to clients and employers, professional standards, trends and issues in education, expanding roles and practice.

Module 2: Basic Nursing Skills Checklist

Review on assessment of basic nursing skills to assist the nurse in determining learning needs.

Module 4: Medical-Surgical Nursing

Respiratory Health, Cardiovascular health, Neurological and sensory health, Gastrointestinal and nutritional health, Renal, and genitourinary and reproductive health, metabolic and endocrine health, hematologic health, immunologic health, musculoskeletal health, integumentary health, emergency nursing

Module 5; Maternity and Neonatal Nursing

Maternal and Fetal health, Nursing Management during labor and delivery, care of mother and neonate during the pospartum period, complications of the childbearing experience.

Module 6: Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric Respiratory disorders, Cardiovascular disorders, neurologic disorders, eye and ear problems, gastrointestinal and nutritional disorders, renal and genitourinary disorders, metabolic and endocrine disorders, oncology disorders, hematologic disorders, immunologic disorders

Module 7: Psychiatric Nursing

Problems of Mental health, developmentally disorders

Module 8: General Health Considerations

Nursing examination and evaluation of patient’s physical and psychosocial status, care of the older or disabled adult, Perioperative Nursing, Cancer Nursing.

Module 9: Nursing Care Plans and Documentation

Nursing histories, care plans, problem-oriented recording, nursing audits.

Module 10: Diagnostic Tests

Update on laboratory testing techniques, patient preparation, and results.

Module 11: Intravenous Therapy

Venipuncture techniques, fluid and electrolyte review, I.V. solutions and equipment, nursing care.

Module 12: Pharmacology

Drug therapy, drug category review, preparation and administration, nursing role, legal aspects.

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