Cornerstone International College offers 4 different types of course offerings to provide flexible learning environment:

Campus Program(Traditional classroom learning)

Our campus programs offer the traditional face-to-face classroom learning with live interactions with the instructor. Students undergo the normal Admissions process and must complete the required number of classroom hours in order to graduate.

Hybrid Program (Online + classroom)

Our Hybrid Program combines online and on-campus courses to give students the best of both worlds. This allows students maximum flexibility and the ability to reap the benefit of both online and on-campus studies. Students will enjoy the convenience of studying from home, yet still be able to meet face-to-face with the instructors and peers at a designated time and place.

Online Program (Self-pace)

The entire course will be taught through distance learning, online using the internet. Online courses may include video content (streaming video or conferencing). There will be no on-campus meetings. This is a self-pace program however certain programs must be completed withing 6 months to a year.

e-Learning Program (Instructor-facilitated)

It is similar to the Online Program, except e-Learning Program is facilitated by an instructor via the internet and audio conferencing, such as web-conferencing. The instructor and the students are separated by distance and can interact using a computer and/or phone. This program allows students to interact and ask questions with the instructor at a scheduled and designated time.  Few selected programs are included in the e-Learning program.

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