Become a certified and nationally recognized Personal Fitness Trainer…

Pursue your passion in inspiring others to feel better and look better!

Cornerstone International College has forged an academic partnership with the ACE (American Council on Exercise) to offer an NCCA-accredited Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Program. With Cornerstone International College, you will gain a rewarding experience in pursuing a career in health and fitness. Upon completion, you will be a certified and nationally recognized Personal Trainer.

Cornerstone’s Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Program can help you achieve your goals — a new rewarding career, and the satisfaction that comes with helping people look and feel better.

Top 6 Reasons to be a Personal Trainer

The sterile processing and distribution technician decontaminates, inspects, assembles, and sterilizes instruments and surgical trays. The technician also manages inventory control, orders supplies, inspects, maintains, delivers and retrieves equipment and instruments for the surgery suite, emergency room and intensive care units.

This program prepares graduates for eligibility for the international board examination given by CBSPD (Certification Board for Sterile Processing & Distribution) or IPASS (International Professional Association of Sterile Services).

Sterile Processing Technician Program includes such topics as:

  • Pursue your Passion: You will be able to pursue your passion in inspiring others to feel better and look better.

  • Staying Fit: While you inspire others to look and feel better, you will maintain your positive outlook about the way you feel and about the way you look.

  • Flexibility: You will have many options in creating your own work schedules, train clientele full-time or part-time on the side. How you develop your business and clientele is up to you!

  • Extremely Rewarding: You will play an important role in helping others make significant changes in their lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

  • Lucrative Career: Top Health Club’s Personal Trainers can earn over $50,000 per year.*

  • Business Opportunities: Many exciting career opportunities to pursue within the fitness industry, one of which is to become a Fitness Consultant for businesses.

Personal Trainer Wages:

A percentage of fees charged for the delivery of services, on average $25/hour in corporate fitness centers (IHRSA, 2008)
As much as $100/hour when working independently, with the average hourly fee of $48.75(IHRSA, 2007)
Annual salaries often reflect the total number of service hours worked and the socioeconomics of the community, with some full time trainers making over $100,000.

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About the Program

Cornerstone International College offers a  comprehensive educational program as a recognized NCAA accredited certification program from the American College on Exercise (ACE)

Duration : 12 weeks
Curriculum : 5 courses
Design : Lecture & Hands-On Training
Courses :

  1. Nutrition & Supplementation
  2. Professional Development
  3. Human Movement Assessment
  4. Integrated Training Concepts
  5. Design of Fitness Programs

Admission Criteria:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Must be a high school graduate or with a GED

Students in this course will be exposed to the theories and principles of integrated training and the Optimum Performance Training model. Of particular focus will be the study of nutrition and the healthy composition of diet. This course will also explore the efficacy and practice of dietary supplementation as well as professional ethics and boundary-setting applied to the health and fitness industry.

This course will explore professionalism and business ethics. Additionally, students will focus on various age-specific and chronic diseased populations and the psychological aspects of client-relations and provide a systematic approach to targeted goal setting.

Paramount to student success is the comprehension and application of a dynamic relationship between the articular system, muscular system and nervous system. Students in this class will explore a detailed look at anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology and will apply that gained knowledge to a variety of assessments intended to evaluate the existence and impact of human movement impairments.

This course will provide in-depth study to the interdependent and intradependent relationship of the components to integrated training. Specifically, students will focus on theory and systematic, progressive application of flexibility training core training, balance training, and plyometric training.

Students in this course will study the practice of resistance training to enhance neuromuscular function and development and design goal-specific Optimum Performance Training fitness programs, stabilization programs, strength programs, power programs, and cardiorespiratory training programs. Additionally, this course provides in-depth study of the theories and progressive applications of linear speed, multi-directional agility, and quickness activities.

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