The mission of Cornerstone International College is to provide a dynamic leadership in real-world education and training in diverse communities — focused on career success.

We pledge to:

Respect and accommodate a diversity of individual’s backgrounds by providing them the opportunity to pursue higher education and to fully capitalize on their talents, and aspirations in order to have fulfilling careers and create a better world.

Motivate students to envision a brighter and successful future.

Map out a path for learners to reach the career opportunities of their dreams and succeed in their personal and professional goals in life .

Produce successful graduates who possess professionalism, practice competencies, and have an awareness of the needs of the communities and global workforce.

Broaden student’s knowledge and encourage them to be proactive in learning excellence.

Promote in making a difference in the life of each individual in the community we serve.

Inspire students with the Cornerstone values which will provide a strong foundation in their relationships with fellow students, faculty, stakeholders and the community.  

Forge valuable partnerships with various organizations and the communities to reach mutual objectives for the welfare of the students.