Sterile Processing Technician

Cornerstone has exceeded my expectations. The SPT course was so much more than just going through the motions. Lab time was structured in such a way to give me time to think. The class was structured to fit my learning style which is "learn by example". I would recommend this institution to anyone. LOOK NO FURTHER!

----Timothy Johanesburg


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  • Sterile Processing Technician HybrED Program


    Introducing Sterile Processing Technician HybrED Program. The first "hybrid"(online + classroom) program in the US of its kind. Cornerstone International College coined this program as HybrED.


    • The first and the only nationwide Sterile Processing Technician Hybrid Program offered in the United States.
    • The only school in partnership with CBSPD/SPU to offer the Hybrid Program.
    • Hybrid Program only available to California Residence.
    • Provides Instructor-based online course with Boot Camp includes intensive review of all the modules and prepare students to ace the national CBSPD board certification.
    • The only training provider that provides a written guarantee for SPT national examination. * See Guarantee section below for details. *
    • Flexible financing options - Payment Plan

    ***ATTENTION HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION:  If you're interested in requesting a Boot Camp seminar or In-House Coaching be brought to your healthcare facility, please email or contact our Admissions Office. We will then set up a "Boot Camp" in your hospital and send an Instructor. ***

    Cornerstone International College is the only Sterile Processing Technician program in the entire country which allows their students to take courses online and attend a Weekend Boot Camp classrooms intense training. After completing the online course, the students will attend the Boot Camp training closer to their home which consists of intensive review and preparation to pass the national certification.

    This program is designed to incorporate the best features of face-to-face in class sessions with web-based activities and resources. This blend of the traditional in-person instructional technique and technology-enriched online learning gives the students a greater flexibility and reduces the amount of classroom time.  This lab and theory program broaden students knowledge and gives clarity in more ways than one.

    This hybrid program provides training for the critical role of cleaning, packaging, sterilizing, storing, and handling of sterile supplies, with a focus on infection control and aseptic techniques. Graduates are prepared for careers in health care central services/supply, processing and distribution, operating room and specialty areas at acute care, community care and extended care facilities.  Graduates are eligible to write the CBSPD national exam to achieve the Central Service / Sterile Processing Technician Certificate.

    Program Description

    Cornerstone International College offers an all-inclusive, academically based program that trains and prepares students to be a Certified Central Service / Sterile Processing Technician.

    The sterile processing and distribution technician decontaminates, inspects, assembles, and sterilizes instruments and surgical trays. The technician also manages inventory control, orders supplies, inspects, maintains, delivers and retrieves equipment and instruments for the surgery suite, emergency room and intensive care units. A hands-on clinical practicum experience in an area hospital is included in the course of study.

    Instruction includes such topics as: 
    ·     Anatomy & Physiology
    ·     Microbiology & Chemistry Related to Central Service Activities
    ·     Communications & Interpersonal Skills
    ·     Infection Control Procedures
    ·     Central Services Departmental Organization & Function
    ·     Principles of Safety
    ·     Principles, Methods & Controls of Sterilization Processes (cleaning, processing, packaging, distributing, storing, and inventory control of sterile goods, instruments, trays & equipment)
    ·     Medical Terminology
    ·     Surgical Instrumentation
    ·     Blood Borne Diseases, HIV/AIDS

    Program Length

    Learners are strongly encouraged to complete the online course within 3 months upon registration.

    Admission Criteria:
    1. Must be at least 18 years old
    2. Must be a high school graduate or with a GED

    Graduates find work as sterile processors, service aides, and related positions in health care facilities. Graduates are prepared for careers in health care central service/supply, processing and distribution, operating room and specialty areas at acute care, community care and extended care facilities. The employment requires flexibility (shift work), manual dexterity with the ability to perform repetitive tasks and good health.

    Note - To attend a future boot camp for free, you need to bring your course materials.

    The following will void your guarantee:
    * Any violations of classroom policy.
    * Failure to meet financial obligations with the school.
    * Not successfully passing the online portion of the course.
    * Missed more than 12 hours.

    * After graduation, our door will always be open for you if you ever want to return to Cornerstone for training refresher or even for a review for the state exam. All these are at no cost to you! This added-value benefit of Cornerstone allows you to keep abreast with the growing trends in your field. We do our best to ensure you reach your personal goals.

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