The Hospital Admitting Clerk Program provides students with the theory and hands on understanding of the admitting and procedures involved in registration services and patient access in most hospitals. Students will also learn strategies and tips for searching records in the database, strategies for capturing the appropriate data to be entered into the system, and the importance of accuracy and standards for entering information.

The Hospital Admissions Representative (also known as Patient Access Representative or Admitting Clerk)in the Hospital Admitting Office is the patient’s first point of contact with the hospital. Administrative skills are developed in the areas of medical office procedures, written communications, financial management, and insurance billing.  All students become familiar with the law and ethics of the health care system, medical terminology and interpersonal relationships.  Various programs of learning are presented to enable a student to pursue a career compatible with his/her interest and potential.  The admitting staff admits or registers all individuals scheduled for diagnostics tests, treatment, scheduled surgery or emergency treatment. This interview serves the dual functions of getting information required for hospital records, and giving information, advice, encouragement, and reassurance to the patient.

The program goal is to prepare students to apply for employment in a hospital as an Admitting Clerk.  Program graduates will have been taught the skills to:

  • Communicate effectively with patients, visitors, and other members of the healthcare team.
  • Have a knowledge of the healthcare system and the insurance billing process, including but not limited to diagnosis and procedures codes
  • Prioritize, process, coordinate, and admissions process of patients for outpatient and inpatient services
  • Perform clerical and standard receptionist duties relating to the overall care of patients
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the organization, structure, and function of the various departments of a hospital.
  • Function effectively in fast-paced environment, often in emergency situations.
  • Perform clerical duties related to the hospital department and patient records.
  • Have a knowledge of and ability to work within general hospital codes of ethics.

Course Requirements and Information

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • A high school diploma or GED is required
  • Must not have any criminal background
  • Must score 80% on weekly tests, homework, practical sessions, and the final exam
  • Must be able to perform all the required skills to the satisfaction of the instructor

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Course Content

This course includes medical terminology, charting and transcriptions, family relations and the knowledge needed to function in a hospital.

Topics Covered:

  • Customer Service and Code of Conduct
  • Communications
  • Medical Terminology
  • Insurance & Healthcare system
  • Medical Billing

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