Cornerstone International College offers the following General Science classes such as for Hemodialysis Tech, Sterile Processing Tech, Personal Fitness Trainer etc:


This course will introduce the student to concepts of normal anatomy and physiology. Contents include a detailed discussion of the body from the single cell to the coordinated whole. Selective clinical examples will be included to help students understand that the disease process is a disruption in homeostasis and a breakdown of the normal integration of form and function.


This course covers the concepts of basic human needs, stress and adaptations and their effect upon the body. Other topics include: Communications, Nurse-Client Relationship, Defense Mechanisms, Cultural Diversity and Substance Abuse.


This course will introduce the student to the theories, and principles of growth and development throughout the life-span. Other topics include genetics, environmental factors, psychological, physical and mental development for each age group. The developmental tasks of the family will be included.


This course will introduce the student to the concepts of nutrition and how it relates to client care in the health-illness continuum. Emphasis will be placed on the basic food groups, nutrients, therapeutic nutrition and nutritional needs of the client throughout the life-span.


The course will provide a foundation for the study of pharmacology, including the general principles of pharmacology, administration of medications, review of mathematics and calculations for dosage computations.

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