Electronic Health Record Specialist works in a hospital or office settings where duties will vary with size and specialty of the facility in which they may work. Many can specialize in varying areas or one aspect of the EHR such as entry level coders, encoding within a hospital setting, abstractors and or coding specialist, HIPAA Compliance Officers or HIM (Health Information Managers) and be over entire departments within larger healthcare facilities.  The duties an Electronic Health Record Specialist may perform include but not necessarily be limited to: Assemble patient’s health information to ensure information is complete and accurate; enter data, such as demographic characteristics, history and extent of disease, diagnostic procedures and treatment into computer; statistical and data analysis for quality improvement measures; manage data backup, retention of records, work national database registries.

Career Outlook

Employment of medical records and health information technicians is expected to increase by 20 percent, much faster than the average for all occupations through 2018. Employment growth will result from the increase in the number of medical tests, treatments, and procedures that will be performed. As the population continues to age, the occurrence of health-related problems will increase. Cancer registrars should experience job growth as the incidence of cancer increases from an aging population. In addition, with the increasing use of electronic health records, more technicians will be needed to complete the new responsibilities associated with electronic data management. (*Source: Occupation Handbook 2010-2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Dept of Labor)

Job Prospects

Job prospects should be very good. In addition to job growth, numerous openings will result from the need to replace medical record and health information technicians who retire or leave the occupation permanently. Technicians that demonstrate a strong understanding of technology and computer software will be in particularly high demand. (*Source: Occupation Handbook 2010-2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Dept of Labor)

The Electronic Health Record Specialist Program is a 144-hour (approximately) part-time program that prepares graduates for the challenging and rewarding career in the administration of medical records in the hospital or clinic setting.  Students are examined in theory and practical components and, upon successful completion, receive a certificate.

Skilled Electronic Health Record Specialists who bring an excellent work ethic and attention to detail and a positive attitude to their jobs are needed in various healthcare settings. These positions offer a competitive wage, flexible hours, a fast-paced interactive environment, and an interesting variety of duties.

The program goal is to prepare students to apply for employment in a hospital as an Electronic Health Record Specialist.  Program graduates will have been taught the skills to:

  • Demonstrate full knowledge of the medical terminology and diagnosis codings.
  • Communicate effectively with patients, and other members of the health care team.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the organization, structure, and function of the various departments of a hospital.
  • Function effectively in fast-paced environment, often in urgent situations.
  • Prioritize, process, maintain patient records and perform necessary note-takings and follow-up actions.
  • Perform clerical duties related to the patient records and orders.
  • Have a knowledge of and ability to work within general hospital codes of ethics.

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Course Requirements and Information

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must posses a HS diploma or GED
  • You must score 80% on weekly tests, homework, practical sessions, and the final exam
  • You must be able to perform all the required skills to the satisfaction of the instructor
  • Successful graduates are eligible to sit for the national certification exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association.

Course Content

This course includes essential functions in a hospital or clinic setting.
Topics Covered:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Electronic Health Records Overview
  • Record Content and Patient Visit Management
  • Notes and Examinations
  • Orders and Administration
  • Research, Registries, and Continued Care Records

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