Cornerstone International College offers you a variety of benefits while in school and after graduation that make your learning experience more rewarding and help you reach your career goal.

10 Reasons To Join Us

Cornerstone International College offers more than just the training and education, it is the “stepping stone” for a career in some of today’s hottest occupations. The various career programs we offer are designed to lead to employment in some of the country’s fastest-growing occupations, as projected by the US Department of Labor*.

Cornerstone offers smaller and manageable class sizes. We do not maximize or overfill classroom capacity. What matters to us in learning is QUALITY… and not in QUANTITY! This means our instructors can afford to provide more quality time and personal attention you deserve in order for you to reach the optimum learning experience.

We offer In-House Payment Plan that is flexible and affordable. We have forged a partnership with a local private student loan company that caters to anyone who needs financial assistance at a very reasonable and affordable rate. We will guide you in every step of the financing process!

At times, finding balance into our busy lives is a great challenge and other obligations may make it a challenge for any student pursuing a career. But at Cornerstone International College, we make sure that our courses fit in to anyone’s schedule to find that perfect balance in anyone’s lives. We offer both day and evening classes which means more flexibility for you. And that’s not all, we have our new hybrid program which is a blend of traditional classroom training and online web-based training. You can start at any time and you can set your own pace in completing the course. All theory-based course are delivered on-line at the comfort of your home, while all skills and hands on training are delivered on campus. Choose the class schedule program that best fits your busy personal schedule.

After graduation, our door will always be open for you if you ever want to return to Cornerstone for training refresher or even for a review for the state exam. All these are at no cost to you! This added-value benefit of Cornerstone allows you to keep abreast with the growing trends in your field. We do our best to ensure you reach your personal goals.

When you attend Cornerstone International College, you’ll do a lot more than sit in class and listen to the Instructor’s lecture. You will get a chance to get your feet wet and experience a hands on real-world equipment, tools and resources that are associated with your career field. We not only show you the skills you need, we hold you by the hand and guide you at every step to become a highly skilled graduate.

Cornerstone International College has forged partnership with local healthcare providers, with the latest training facilities and equipment, to provide real-world hands-on training, and to keep pace with new trends and technologies. Classrooms, labs and clinical facility sites allow you the opportunity to train with equipment you will be utilizing in your future work environment.

Our Student Services provides a first-class student services that contribute to student achievement and “success”. We also offer a variety of helpful services that make your education with Cornerstone International College a rewarding learning experience.

Our management team made sure that we have selected the most highly-qualified and passionate instructors. They have the passion to help you succeed. These certified instructors bring to our institution the many years of experience and talent to share with the students. They possess the skills you’ll need to acquire in order to be successful in your chosen field. They will make sure that each individual student is well-prepared prior to graduation to be ready to face the real-world work environment.

Anytime after graduation, you can also take advantage of our career & placement assistance-at no charge. Best of all, we provide lifetime placement assistance. While we cannot guarantee job placement, we will do our best and go the extra mile to successfully place our graduates in their chosen career field.